Framed Cabinets

Cyrill framed cabinet in Walnut Pumice

Framed Cabinet Construction

DC and DSC Framed Construction Details

The DC Series brings a robustly constructed cabinet box paired with the ultimate in beautiful function, plus a wealth of options for creating a style uniquely your own.

DSC features subtle differences in cabinet box construction that point to high quality at a bit lower cost. 

Take note of comparable construction characteristics and feel secure in knowing that your Dwelling Designer will guide you in the right direction!

DC Framed Cabinets
Drawer of Pinnacle framed cabinet pulled open
  • 3/4" plywood sides, 3/4" plywood shelving
  • Specie drawers and rollout trays in natural finish
  • Inside/outside profiles for custom door capabilities
  • Unique specialty finishes and techniques
  • Custom opaque colors and stains
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
DSC Framed Cabinets
Drawer of Dynasty framed cabinet pulled open
  • 1/2" plywood sides, 3/4" furniture board shelving
  • Selection of outside door profile at no additional cost
  • Choice of drawer front options and door overlay selection
  • Ability to reach to Pinnacle Series for true custom capability
  • Custom opaque colors
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty