DSC Series


DSC Semi-Custom Cabinets

Your Dreams — Within Reach

Our DSC Series offers much more than meets the eye. At first glance, you'll find us attractive, but let your look linger a little longer. With over 40 modifications AND the ability to move to DC for custom cabinetry pieces — you're sure to find what you're looking for in a semi-custom cabinet. 

DSC also affords a fabulous cabinet paint color program, bringing the availability of every national paint manufacturer to you — adding fascinating coloration to your rooms. Make your dreams come true with DSC.

Modifications That Make a Difference

With over 40 modifications that define semi-custom cabinetry, your Dwelling designer will enjoy the flexibility that the DSC Series brings to your project. You'll reap the benefits of not having to order a custom cabinet in most instances. For those times when custom is the only way to create your dream, up to five DC Series custom cabinets can combine with DSC on your cabinet order!

Color Your World

Found your signature white? Perhaps you'd like to match both cabinetry and millwork in your home? Choose from any national paint manufacturer, supply your desired hue number and get ready to change perspective on your room.